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Monday, 26 August 2013

The world has of fashion has fallen inlove with the vintage look all over again and its one of the best fashion statement that has captured my attention into. Models srikes poses in in vintage clothing and designers are doing  their best in creating an old fashion feel by designing vintage clothes and accesories. Vintage is one of the exciting and enjoyable fashion style because you can find items of clothing that nobody else has and you can find good quality items made the way they don't make things these days, from fabrics that might not even be around now. Not only are you sourcing unique items but you're also being eco-friendly into the bargain and preworn clothing is considered desirable by those frequenting the red carpet especially the celebrities have taken a focus on is the vintage style that people seen  to be dressing it .

vintage style

Vintage fashion does not stop there. Even makeup is getting the vintage makeover. Every decade has its own makeup trends and vintage fashion is now incorporating the appropriate trend to get the perfect the perfect look
if you want to have the perfect vintage look make sure you mix and match your outfit well
and make sure you are comfortable with it.don't be afraid to try new styles like the vintage look
The secret to making a success of any fashion style is to make sure you are comfortable with how you look, especially when venturing to new style. Don’t be afraid to try new styles like the vintage look, but be sure that you still feel good. Any lack in confidence about your appearance will convey itself .

Monday, 19 August 2013

stripes ,stripes
the jail stripe ,rate it or love it
 Dont you just love that short mini skirt or a jegging that will make your look complete .if you a a stripy girl y not go for a stripy look that you can match it up with a biker jacket on top and look glam all the way I just love it.get stripy with MR PRICE

Friday, 16 August 2013

fashion statement all the way

Everyday is a new day we see differrent fashion trends  making a statement the next thing we  see  is ourself adapting to such trends . what intrigues me the most is that old trends are making waves in these days as the are changed to enhance the modern look .A perfect look boost your confidence and your self esteem but sometimes gets difficult to choose a perfect outfit for a specific occasion how do we do it? here are ten tips on how you can do it

  • Wear something that you look forward to wearing!
  • Dress for the day, how you feel, no one wants to see someone uncomfortable in what they are wearing. Your outfit should be a reflection of your mood!
  • If you have a curvy figure try outfits where you can cinch in the waist with a belt, it        creates the perfect hourglass figure and shows off your best features.
  • If you've got a crush, and you want to look cool, but that's not the way you usually look, then do NOT do it. If he likes you, then he'll like you from the inside and outside.
  • Wear colors that look good with your natural coloring.
  • Don't wear all one color or your outfit will clash.
  • Embrace your style.
  • Don't be afraid to try unique outfits.
  • Cardigans are always cute.
  • For a spring look, try a 60's skirt with a matching tank, a crochet top over it, and some pastel colored heels.

  • Phindile strikes a pose

    this day i saw this this young woman on the street i stopped her just to snap a pic of her .The look was simple yet glam ,A look that can be worn on a nice chilly  day you can also have your view on this look tell me when is the perfect day you can wear this